Pricing and ads models

The NextFM Robotics GmbH offers two different pricing models to publish ads: risk-free model and classic ads model. You can choose freely which pricing model suits you best. As soon as you have chosen a pricing model, your decision is final, i.e. you are not able to change the pricing model later. Besides, you have the opportunity to integrate our platform as partner site into your business website. In addition, we offer an all-round no-worry package. You will find further information on our different pricing models in the prevailing sections.

You can also publish advertisements on our platform, for example if you would like to offer accessories for your cleaning machine. The ads appear on the start page or between search results for example. You will find prices and further information in our media data in section Ad formats.

Risk-free model

For the risk-free model, we will not charge any monthly fee for publishing ads but a commission if you sell or rent out your machine published via our platform If you sell a machine, the commission is 8.5 % of the sales price. If you rent out a machine, the commission is 12 % of the rental. The risk-free model requires that the sale impetus between seller and buyer starts via our platform and that the seller is therefore anonymous – only the range of the postcode is known by the prospective buyer.

No insertion fee 0,- €
No monthly fee 0,- €
Commission for selling 8.5 % of the sales price
Commission for renting 12 % of the rental

Classic ads model

For the classic ads model, we charge a monthly fee per machine published. It does not matter if the machine is sold or not. We do not charge a commission as in the risk-free model. We charge the prevailing fees of the expired month. As assessment principle, we take all your ads you published during one month into account. If you delete an ad, it will not be counted for calculating your fees for the following month. If you did not publish any ad in a month, you will pay nothing. The fees are calculated by using the following scale of prices.

number of machines / ads monthly fee per machine / ad
1 24,90 €
2-5 17,90 €
6-10 11,90 €
11-25 9,90 €
26-50 8,90 €
50 > 7,90 €

Prices for partner site can be displayed as partner site on your business website in the Corporate Identity of the business. This means that all machines you published on are integrated into your business website and updated. Thus, customers on your website only see your machines and you have your own platform for second-hand cleaning machines, which is always updated. You cannot imagine it? Then visit our reference page For integrating into your website, we charge for the following fees:

  • one-off fee for integration: 390,- €
  • monthly fee for maintenance: 39,- €

All-round no-worry package

You do not have enough time to publish your machines you do not need any longer? We would like to help you with our all-round no-worry package. Our cooperation partners directly drive to you and take your stock of cleaning machines on-location. We charge the following fees for that:

  • Driving expenses: 49,- €
  • Documentation und publishing per machine: 7,50 €
  • Appraisal of machine: 5,- €

On request, we clean your machines on-location. For this service, we charge for a fee of 15,- € per quarter hour commenced.

Ad formats

You can publish advertisements on in order to sell machine accessories. The ads appear on different positions on the website depending on the ads format which you have booked. You will find prices, ad formats and further information in our media data.
You can download it as PDF here: media data cm24 (PDF,4MB).